What is GasFox?
GasFox is a weekly gasoline delivery service that provides residential and commercial vehicles with fuel using a convenient mobile app! Our certified GasFox technicians are ready to deliver fuel directly to your vehicle. 

GasFox is revolutionizing the way motorists fuel their vehicles through technology. Saving you time, and money by providing gasoline delivery directly from our supplier to your vehicle. 

What areas are being serviced by GasFox?
We currently have service for the following areas of Las Vegas:


Mountains Edge

Centennial Hills

What are GasFox’s hours of operation?
GasFox fueling service operates five nights a week, serving our members  Monday through Friday weekly. Deliveries vary by location, but are at set days/nights of the week for those locations. You can select your desired delivery day in the GasFox app. Residential  and business delivery occurs throughout the day and evening. We do limit service during peak transit hours to avoid crowding of roads during heavy traffic times.

How much does it cost to get GasFox?
Pricing is set per-gallon and is calculated based on the average local gas prices in your area. A monthly subscription fee covers your registered vehicles delivery fees. Our current Fees are $6 per week for individual vehicle memberships or $10 per week for a family membership!

Where does GasFox get its fuel from?
GasFox purchases top quality PREMIUM UNLEADED fuel from the same providers retail gas stations source from. It’s purchased daily and filtered before it ever gets to your vehicles, so you know you are getting fresh and high quality fuel!

Frequently Asked Questions


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