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Convenience  & comfort delivered!

GasFox is here to help take the frustration and risk out of fueling your vehicle! Keeping you safe while providing fast reliable service.

People with mobility challenges may find it difficult or impossible to obtain gas for their vehicle because they are unable to use the controls, hose, or nozzle of a self-serve gas pump. At stations that offer only self-service, they may be unable to purchase gas. At stations that offer both self-service and full service, people with disabilities may have no choice but to purchase the more expensive fuel from a full-service pump. GasFox would like help persons with disabilities to obtain fuel for their vehicles in a more time efficient, cost effective and safer way by providing fuel delivery directly to their vehicles without the need to visit traditional gas stations. Our ADA customers can receive high quality, fast and reliable service at a discounted rate for enrollment. For more information on program requirements, rates and to get started please contact customer care at 702-707-3755.

GasFox is revolutionizing the way motorists fuel their vehicles through technology. Saving you time and money by providing gasoline delivery directly from a wholesale supplier.


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